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[email protected] Nancy is such a talented woman who has brought me inner peace and who is special and warm. Her reading is exceptionally accurate and I absolutely love,  love, her! My son is an Architect who designed David Bowie's house. She is incredible. Thank you Nancy for all of you support and sharing your gift with me. You are the best.

Hi Nancy,

I’ve sat with you a few times at the Long Island psychic fair. I’m sure you meet a lot of women, but you helped me through a particularly trying time... I had a house fire, then found out I was pregnant, and miscarried. You saw all of it.

After my miscarriage i was anxious to get pregnant again right away. I figured since our last pregnancy happened Without even trying, it would happen fast. You told me that it wouldn’t happen till late summer early fall, when we sorted out my sons schooling. You also told me my sons speech/behavioral challenges/delays before they were really diagnosed. Anyway you told me how once we got his schooling figured out we would get pregnant again. You said it would be a girl, and you saw the number 2 but didn’t particularly mean twins and you weren’t sure of the relevance. Long story short... we wound up having to go through IVF to get pregnant again, our first transfer was successful... I’m now pregnant with a little girl, finding out that she was actually embryo #2. (I had 10 embryos they tracked, each assigned a number and then the top growing embryos are selected for implant.) she was also the ONLY FEMALE of all of my embryos. I need to add when we finally got the call that we had a female embryo ready for transfer, it was from the parking lot of the developmental preschool, the DAY my son was accepted. Transfer was the following week. Timing was dead on.

I can’t begin to tell you how comforting your guidance has been. For months and months I was worried about my sons progress, and if he’d every be able to be a normally behaved general Ed kid. I was heartbroken after my miscarriage and after months of trying and not conceiving. You gave me Hope! Thank you for sharing your talent. You’ve been spot on for literally everything you’ve read with me. I figured you’d probably like to know when you’re readings wind up being scarily accurate.

I look forward to seeing you again. And giving you a very big hug

God bless America.

Ali Reeder

Founder and CEOAmerican Patriotic ServicesThe American Bombshells®

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Nancy [email protected]

MarK, February 11, 2014

Its hard to believe that Nancy was clearly able to identify a solved crime that was years back. I went to Nancy after listening to her on her radio station and soon learned of her amazing and talented gift. I was in the states visiting from my home in New Zealand. I connected with Nancy for a reading that was so personal and detailed. She was able to validate and document such incredible events that transpired throughout my life. Nancy refused to hear about what I needed to know nor did she ask for any materials or pictures for me to share with her. Being somewhat skeptical, I no longer feel that way. How could I ?

Nancy is clearly blessed with a gift. The funny thing about Nancy is that she is not in the least interested in trying to persuade you to believe. It is a choice made by the individual that she feels needs to determine that decision. She does not judge anyone which I found to be truly unique. She is not only an incredibly gifted person, but warm and charming as well. When I return to the states, I will again request a visit with her by phone, hopefully this time not in the middle of her night sleep. Thank you Nancy for your beautiful gift and your kind and thoughtful inner self.


I like my Medium well done. Medium Nancy Meryl talks about her new book: No"‎Nancy Meryl is a wonderful medium and she just published her first book, "No Coincidences." I was lucky enough to interview Nancy last year. Here is our interview and at the end of it is her contact info. Sign up for a session with her. She is amazing."

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Details of the Recommendation: "I consulted Nancy for a reading for the first time last year, after a glowing recommendation from a young woman I know. Nancy proved to be an extremely gifted psychic medium. She told me things about my life in great detail. These were things she couldn't possibly have known, some were things that I never shared with another person. She spent a very long time with me and described to me close relatives who have died and with whom she was clearly communicating. After the session I knew I'd visited with them and felt wonderful. I've since be read my Nancy a few more times, and I highly recommend her to others."

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Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)

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Bonnie Trachtenberg has recommended you on LinkedInBonnie Trachtenberg Bestselling, award-winning author of Romantic ComediesTo: Nancy MerylDate: March 4, 2012

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Michelle Goguen, [email protected]

Nancy Meryl is amazing!It's like the departed soul sits beside her so you can have a conversation.I lost my partner of 23 years in 2020 and am so thrilled to get to talk to him! What Nancy can do is very unique. I highly recommend her. Michele Goguen,