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[email protected] Nancy is such a talented woman who has brought me inner peace and who is special and warm. Her reading is exceptionally accurate and I absolutely love,  love, her! My son is an Architect who designed David Bowie's house. She is incredible. Thank you Nancy for all of you support and sharing your gift with me. You are the best.

Nancy Meryl is a Renowned Psychic Medium and the author of

" No Coincidences."

Nancy does seminars, individual and group readings and phone readings both nationally and internationally.

She has recently presented a 10 day seminar about "Thinking Outside of the Box" and was the resident Psychic Medium in "Turks and Caicos" for PulverSSF in 2016 and 2017. She will be returning in August 2017 for another seminar on Mediumship with people from all over the world at PulverSSF/

In 2016, she was the Psychic Medium in Costa Rica and also performed a session about clinical hypnosis.

Nancy Meryl has aired several times on AM Radio, CBS and NBC along with channel 12 news. radio-show.html, 10PM EST, Skirt

"I like my Medium Well Done" written by Elizabeth Cassidy who wrote for,"Double Day"

Live it up CBS "Psychic Medium" Nancy Meryl with Donna Drake

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              Live it Up with Donna Drake welcomes Nancy Meryl

                                                                                Meryl, a psychic medium, and Author of                                                                                        No Coincidences explained to Donna Drake how she works as a psychic medium, and how she uses her "gift" to hel...

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