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[email protected] Nancy is such a talented woman who has brought me inner peace and who is special and warm. Her reading is exceptionally accurate and I absolutely love,  love, her! My son is an Architect who designed David Bowie's house. She is incredible. Thank you Nancy for all of you support and sharing your gift with me. You are the best.


Re: the song by Angelica Hale... I chose this song because "America;s Got Talent " hit the golden buzzer for this 9 year old talented girl who sang beautifully. I also chose Angelica Hale because despite her childhood illness that almost took her life as a little girl, her life was saved by her mother giving her own kidney. She dis not take anything for granted and strived to take her passion, that being singing to share with the world. Her mother saved her life and gave her her kidney. The maturity, appreciation and talented young lady is an inspiration to other children her age. Thinking of the positive and manifesting it into the universe instead focussing with the negative is the reason I chose Angelica Hale. I did share this with classes at P.S. 26 in Fresh Meadows through the DOE to both students and teachers and it brought tears to their eyes. The discussion was to be positive and the objective was successfully obtained. "I am good at.... I can...... I will be able to......

Meditation is the process of being able to relax the body despite what noises are external and what thoughts slide into the mind.

Various techniques are introduced and utilized during the seminars.

Many companies have requested seminars for their staff in order to reduce the stress level in the environment. Amazing but true how much success is achieved with a small amount of stilling the mind. I coach clients by not only lecturing, but through hands on activities. Working with manifesting the positive and placing the emphasis on success.

Having learned that the mind is the most powerful tool, Nancy has been able to direct her students to a level where they feel comfortable, in control and are able to allow fear to slide past themselves. Each person learns and absorbs the process in different ways, thus specific skills are explored until it successfully works for each individual. Every person processes differently, thus it may take one person one way while another person another way.

Using specific techniques, Nancy has conducted seminars enabling adults, children, adolescents and the elderly to arrive at a level of relaxation by learning to still their minds. She uses color and music to develop the exploration of the self. Many stress relief materials are used as well during her seminars.

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 Angelica Hale

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