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[email protected] Nancy is such a talented woman who has brought me inner peace and who is special and warm. Her reading is exceptionally accurate and I absolutely love,  love, her! My son is an Architect who designed David Bowie's house. She is incredible. Thank you Nancy for all of you support and sharing your gift with me. You are the best.

Nancy Meryl, is the author of, "No Coincidences"

"Just Because You Can't See Anything Doesn't Mean That It Doesn't Exist"

This book explains many experiences that the author has been through. It is a book that is direct and to the point. It is meant for as an easy read. Several chapters include the author's personal experiences that transpired while she knew she had the gift as little girl to using it as an adult to heal many people. Nancy is a Psychic medium that trances while reading. She is able to speak several languages while in a trance that she does not know in the physical world. Nancy does not know what she has said after the reading since it is similar to that of a baby being born. The baby remembers the first three minutes of where they were when they are born, and then it disappears . This is a book that will introduce the authors experiences and the authors gift.

No Coincidences

"Just Because You Can't See something Doesn't Mean That It Doesn't Exist" Authored by Nancy Meryl

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