Nancy's Serenity Center LLC

[email protected] Nancy is such a talented woman who has brought me inner peace and who is special and warm. Her reading is exceptionally accurate and I absolutely love,  love, her! My son is an Architect who designed David Bowie's house. She is incredible. Thank you Nancy for all of you support and sharing your gift with me. You are the best.

Nancy's Serenity Center LLC.

     Nancy is the brainchild of Nancy's Serenity Center LLC. Developed in 2016.

After much research and experience, Nancy found that stilling the mind would enable children, adolescents and adults to reduce their level of stress.

This program was soon implemented into the program of Curriculum and Instruction at Long Island University.

Dr. Robert Manheimer, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction gave Nancy the clearance to work with both her undergraduate and graduate classes in the field of education and psychology. Having successfully introduced stilling the mind with her students, the data outcome was positive that students scores on their exams were increased by 87%.

Nancy developed "CleverTutor" and had it trademarked in 2004. Implementing the smell of lavender created an environment for students to focus and learn without distractions. She then developed a school in Puerto Rico in Condado entitled " Mi Casita" She was aired in the news and on radio. Her implementation of this new teaching philosophy granted her leadership as a theorist of education at South Eastern University.

Continuing her studies , she implemented a meditative technique using the singing bowl on Thoughtful Thursdays with the DOE. Students looked forward to stilling their minds before going into their classrooms.

Nancy knew that she had many gifts and wanted to share them. As you will continue to view this website, you will soon learn that learning never stops. We continue to search for new and innovative thoughts and expand our skills from hands on experiences. People can do more than one thing and be successful at them and even integrate their skills.

 I have learned that focussing with the positive will enable you to manifest your strong points. Just think about the positive and watch how it unfolds and how one path leads you down toward another path.

It is a center that unfolds from within and is created from each individual into areas that incorporate thinking outside of the box.

 It brings forth skills of learning in manifesting the positive, hypnosis, education, spirituality, questioning, mediumship, Reiki, psychology and art.

Nancy's Serenity Center has been successfully developed in achieving knowledge of the inner self.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, For knowledge is limited for all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand".

Albert Einstein

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